Horror Stories Stole Attention over Riots in Indonesia

Photo by Simple Man

A good friend, Neny, told me that something viral was happening in our beloved country. No! It was not about riots in Papua Barat or Jayapura. She sent me two links of the story of KKN di Desa Penari, which consists of two versions story from two different people. She said she was alone in a hotel for a few days due to her job tasks! She wanted to read the horror stories but she thought it would be better to wait when she gets back home. Therefore, she asked me to read them first and give her spoilers. Well, I guess that’s not a difficult request, so I said okay!

After spent over than one and a half hours, I told her that I had read them. Should I say thank God? Nope! I don’t think that’s necessary. Does the story is real? To be honest, it hard to believe it but probably it’s a true personal story. From my point of view, I’m pretty sure many parts have been cooked! Only a few of them that may be nonfiction. I have at least 10 reasons to tell that those stories are just ordinary story but indeed they have magnificent packaging. They do entertaining. I agree that they could bring ideas to have another horror films at our cinema. Though, I won’t watch them. No offense, they just not my movie type.

Before I continue, I want to explain some terms. As I’m writing this to all of you, my foreigner friends. Just to ensure that you don’t get lost. First, the title of the story is KKN di Desa Penari (KKN at Desa Penari). KKN stands for Kuliah Kerja Nyata. It’s like a field study, where a group of undergraduate students stay in (usually) a village and do some (real) projects that could bring benefits to the villagers. Generally, KKN has a period of time between 1-2 months. Second, Desa Penari (dancer village) is just a nickname given to the village by the author. Probably because of the mysterious things in the stories involves dancer ghost.

In a nutshell, both of the stories emphasized on 6 students out of 14. They are 3 males and 3 females. The most handsome guy named Bima, the others called Anton and Wahyu. The ladies are Ayu, Widya dan Nur. For the record, all names is not a real name. In the end, Bima and Ayu died before the KKN finished. They passed away in a strange manner. Villagers believe that was because they had broken rules. They did a thing that they shouldn’t do. They had sex in a forbidden place. So, the devil demanded their lives.

The devil is well known as Badarawuhi. She’s good at dancing. When she saw the students arrived, she chose Widya to be the next sacrifice. Knowing that Bima in love with Widya, Badarawuhi offered Bima a sacred ring to attract Widya. On the other hand, Ayu has a crush on Bima. Thus, the devil gave her a green scarf. Bima and Ayu thought that Badarawuhi is an ordinary lady that willing to assist them in reaching their each love goals, not a devil.

The slight failure occurred on Bima’s side. He trusted Ayu to give Widya the ring. It was never done by Ayu, she kept it. Instead, Ayu won Bima as hers by the green scarf. One day, Nur knew things that happened between Bima and Ayu. Including the two-sacred-things. Silently, she took the ring and the green scarf from Ayu’s bag. Then, she put them together in a box with a holy book and covered them with a white fabric. Nur is known as the most religious person among the students.

It was not clearly explained regarding the beginning of the death of Bima and Ayu. What I understand, not so long after what Nur did to that two sacred things, the final disaster occurred. One day, suddenly Ayu was screaming loudly before the student found her in her room with a pose like a sleeping person. Her eyes and mouth were widely opened but she couldn’t able to speak. Her face showing that she terrified for what she has seen. While Bima was found somewhere in the part of the village by villagers after missing since the night before. His condition was illustrated as a person who has a seizure. Whenever he screamed he said two words only, help and snakes.

Then, what happened to Widya? Nur, who believed that she has a six sense explained that Widya has been followed by Badarawuhi since they’ve arrived in the village. That was why Widya often acted and experienced weird things during the KKN. For instance, she felt she saw ‘’her friend, Ayu’’ dancing alone outside the house at night. She also heard the traditional rhythm along with the dancing performance. While her real friends felt the opposite. What they saw she just overreacted to empty air.

However, there were some weird moments that students witnessed them together at the same time. One day, Widya saw ”her friend” again dancing in the kitchen with the same background music. This time the dancer was ”Nur”. Widya started screaming loudly because ”Nur” didn’t stop as her request after she realized Nur’s face didn’t look normal. Her real friends came and saw Widya in a super pale condition.

They gave Widya a cup of plain water for relaxation. When she drank it, she suddenly stopped. She tried to pull out things using her fingers inside her mount. That was a few long hairs! Quickly, they checked to the water container and saw a bunch of hair were inside it! Do you think that this is scary enough for you? Well, I don’t know. According to the story, Nur claimed that she just took a drink from the same container and nothing happened. Meanwhile, Wahyu concluded that Widya is under a threatened of ghost for some reasons or someone is doing a dark ritual to get her love.

Another example is when Wahyu dan Widya has returned back to the house after buying groceries in the town. They told their friends that they got help from people in another village due to their motorcycle has some issues. There was a party in that village, many dancers did their performance. Their friends said there’s no other village. To prove that he told no lies, Wahyu grabbed a thing from Widya’s bag that given by those people as a souvenir. He was surprised seeing that the cover has transformed from a used newspaper to banana leaves. When he opened it, the thing inside also has changed! It supposed to be snacks (cakes), not a death monkey head with fresh blood as if it’s just been slaughtered! Are you screaming now? If yes, probably then you should wait for the movie version. 100% no need to give me a free ticket.

Furthermore, the story informs that not only Bima who was missing that night, but also Widya. According to the guys, Bima used to walk out alone at night. Therefore, they didn’t put care when Widya saw Bima walked out from the house and intended to follow (search) him. It was not difficult to know where Bima went, due to there is only one small road in that area.

Widya kept walk-in beyond her will and arrived at the forbidden place inside the forest. She started hearing the traditional rhythm that sounds familiar before she met an inclined road. When she stepped to the first stair, the music discontinued. She kept walking down and noticed that someone crying. She recognized it as her friend’s voice, Ayu! But she couldn’t find her.

Next, she found a big space which looks like for practicing theatre. Beneath it, there is a construction like a mini chamber. She heard Bima and a girl’s voice. She checked inside it from a small hole on its wood wall. She saw Bima did bathing in a nature bath up. There was no girl but snakes surrounded Bima! Within a second, some of them were aware of her presence and looked straight through the hole, to Widya’s eyes!

Lucky for Widya, she could run! She ran fast climbing the inclined road. At the same time, the music played again and got louder. She saw many weird faces in the theatre place. They focused on enjoying a dancing performance just like what she has seen in ”other village” with Wahyu. At a glance, she saw the dancer. Ayu is the dancer!

After reached the top of the inclined line, Widya kept running by took random directions. When she felt stuck where to go, she met a black dog that leading her out. She arrived at the main road on the side of the forest, where some villagers were there looking for her. She heard they whispered among them that she was finally found after a day and a half. However, Widya felt that she was ”missing” for only a couple of hours.

Sadly, their KKN was terminated and not scored. Bima and Ayu illness couldn’t be healed. Ayu passed away after suffering for about 3 months. Then, Bima also passed away too. Their condition remains the same until the day they died. Ayu’s eyes and mouth stay opened. It mentioned that sometimes tears dripping from her eyes. While Bima asked help at the night he passed away. When his family questioning him what he needs, he replied by saying snakes.

These horror stories resulted in top popular hashtag #kkndidesapenari on Twitter for Indonesia. On August 30, I saw it hits 30K which is three times higher than the second popular hashtag about riots in Papua and Jayapura. Well, it doesn’t mean that Indonesians don’t put serious care for the riots. It was just because people in the Twitterland feel challenged to guess the name of the village since the author only gave its first letter among other landmarks. Another reason was people busy making jokes over it by making memes.

The complete stories were written on twitter account @simpleM81378523. So far, the writer gave Nur’s and Widya’s version. A rumor said there’s another version that told by other students. Nevertheless, no matter which version and whether this is a fiction or real, some advice should be highlighted. First, always behave whenever you are. Next, respect rules that given. Last, never make deals with the devil for any purposes.